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A family business committed to handcrafting the purest products for your home and body.

We are a family business, located in Fort Collins, Colorado, that handcrafts all natural, organic products for home and body. We have been in business since 2007, and we have always guaranteed only high quality products. Our ingredients are wild gathered or organically grown and we appreciate the renewable resources our earth is giving us.

Queen of the Meadow is not certified organic, but our main suppliers are. 70% of our ingredients are certified organic, 20% are cultivated without chemicals, and 10% are wild gathered in rural areas in the Rocky Mountains and Northern New Mexico.

Whenever possible, the oils we add are cold pressed, unrefined, and organic. We use raw butters and our products are free of synthetics, colors, emulsifiers, thickeners and alcohols. Our products do not contain any petrochemicals, aggressive detergents, and petroleum based preservatives that could harm you and our environment. And, we never test on animals. Simply said, we are crafters, and our products are made with the purest ingredients, in small batches, by hand, and everything we sell is always fresh. 

We create our recipes with only ingredients that are kept in their most natural, authentic way, so nothing harmful gets into your blood stream. Our skin is a complex, sensitive, vital organ with many functions, necessary for well-being and for the maintenance of life. Like a sponge, our skin takes in both, healing and harmful substances, which may pass into our body. Many harmful chemicals from cosmetic have been found in the blood stream and led to problems. 

Because what is outside matters too, we source our packaging to represent the same level of quality, and purity as the products they hold. We use recycled glass jars, recycled paper bags, and recyclable plastic bottles. Our labels are locally printed and we include every ingredient.